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The first step of the assignment will require that you know the six guiding principles of research, which I will give you. • Read the research scenario given. • Create a word document for your assignment (.doc or .docx format). If your assignment is prepared in .pages, make sure to convert it before submitting. • In this document, identify and explain any 3 (of the 6) scientific principles described above that were not followed in the research scenario. You will want to spend about 200 words discussing each (3 x 200 = 600). Please use a subheading for each principle. • Also, identify and explain any 1 (of the 3) warning signs of pseudo-science that are evident. You will want to spend about 200 words discussing this warning sign. Please use a subheading for the warning sign. • The total length of your assignment should be ~800 words (4 sections, 200 words each). • Your assignment must be written in full sentence/paragraph format. Repeated spelling and grammar errors will cost marks. • You can quote the article (or paraphrase) but you do not have to cite it. • Write the assignment in your own words. Do not use direct quotes from the lecture slides. You may quote sections of the research scenario if they are short.Assignment 1(1)

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