Writing complex sentences

Remember our three methods of sentences combining : coordination ( using a semicolon or a comma, conjunction ) or subordination ( making one sentences dependent upon the main idea by turning it into a fragment).

I put way too much pepper in the soup. It actually turned out pretty well.
I was jogging through the park. I began feeling a real sense of peace.
Entering the store, I was surprised to hear the music of Thelonius Monk. Thelonius Monk is my favorite jazz artist.
I feel pretty confident about passing my driving test. I’ve been practicing for twenty four years now.
Traffic really drives me crazy. I recently found this fabulous now podcast. The podcast is called ‘Cats are crazy’.
Mike couldn’t understand why no one was interested in the app he’d designed, ‘ Zombie Disco.’ The idea of dancing zombies seemed irresistible to him.
My cat Jeffrey is always hungry. He doesn’t really like cat food. He’d prefer a bite of my tuna sandwiches.
It rained lightly all last night. This morning the sun broke through the clouds. It looked like diamonds had been sprinkled across my lawn.
Online advertisers are extremely sophisticated. Most people say they don’t pay attention to ads. Statistics show otherwise.
Streaming music on Spotify is convenient. It makes it easy to listen anywhere I go. I still like listening to my vinyl LP’s.


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