Write a program in C/C++

In this assignment, you will create a maze-type game in a program. You may write the program in C/C++ incorporating details of the game using assembly language or entirely in assembler if you so wish.

The game should respond to keyboard input and move at least one character player avatar through a maze built with extended ASCII characters. The game should be developed so that simple assembly programs are linked together. The maze should be at least 20 by 20 squares in size. maze madness image

The above image, is only one example of a maze type game, and the rules of play is as follows: 1. The black line depicts solution route from the start to finish. 2. A player may move on the blue squares but this normally ends in a dead end, however the player can collect extra points by landing on the red or green squares using these blue square routes. 3. You can have the time count down or up, and if it is a count down and the player did not get to the end, he/she loses. Alternatively, if the we use a count up type timer, the player can get to the end and the score and points collected will be displayed.

There are two possible objectives for this game:

Time limit placed upon the player to finish the maze, or score that is directly resulting from the time the player takes to finish the maze.
Acquiring points is based upon collection of objects placed in the maze. (The objects can move randomly, and may contain hazards if desired – optional)

Display the following elements:

Timer (if time limit is imposed)
Menu (Input player name, selection of options, help screen, play game, exit game)
Save score to text file feature

All other functionality added will be considered for extra credit ONLY if the previous conditions are satisfied.

Finally, provide a brief analysis of how this course applies to your future career.


A playable game satisfying the conditions above.
Commented code of the game. All procedures will be documented.
A 1-page narrative identifying the role that assembly language plays and the specific benefits of using it in video game development. Which routines is to be assembler is up to the designer and the report should explain why he/she chose assembler for that section/s
Reflection – Analyze and describe how an increase in knowledge and skills acquired through this course facilitate your career advancement.

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