world views of Dr. Kwame Baako and Abena

Part II of the Final Exam pertains to Dr. Malcolm Frierson’s novel, A Place in the World. You must read the entire book to answer questions from the essay prompt given below. For your essay, write a response that answers the questions in approximately 5-7 paragraphs. Be sure to write your essay in paragraph form with complete sentences

Compare and contrast the world views of Dr. Kwame Baako and Abena (Evelyn Bradley). How do their views pertain to the histories of slavery, the African diaspora and African Americans? In what ways do the places of Baltimore, Ghana and Georgia shape their views? How and why did they adopt Kofi? After their divorce, how did Kwame and Evelyn change? What efforts do they take to raise or influence Kofi? What were some of Kofi’s challenges? Finally, analyze what happened to Kofi in the end.

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