World conflicts and riots

Given the current world conflicts, war, fighting, and unrest seem to be a common reaction within countries when there are differences. This is true with the current diversity conflicts and riots in the United States. This is also true with the current conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan. Yet, the people of these countries are the ones who pay the price for the governmental conflicts. Do’s for the Research Paper ☐ Need four to six pages (this does not include Works Cited page) ☐ Need Introduction, 3-4 body paragraphs, conclusion ☐ Need 10 – 14 sentences in each body paragraph ☐ Need 8 – 10 sentences in the introduction and conclusion ☐ Need to include direct and indirect quoting in the essay ☐ Need secondary source evidence in each body paragraph (at least two in each body paragraph). This is called in text citation. ☐ Need to follow the MLA citation style (Make sure you know how to set up sources in MLA style). ☐ Need to follow formatting rules of 1” margins, double spacing, 12 font size, Times Roman lettering ☐ Need a Works Cited page ☐ Need to include page numbers in the upper right corner of pages ☐ Need to set up a heading with your name, course name, due date, and instructor’s name ☐ Need a title for the essay that is centered on the first page

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