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Here are parts of the report needed A. Transmittal message – Written as a memo and submitted as a separate file B.Introductory material: This includes title fly, title page, executive summary, and table of contents. C. Introduction: Present your purpose and scope of report. Also include the procedures used to collect data. D. Body: Present your findings in a clear and direct manner. Remember this is intended for a general audience.You must include at least one table and one chart you create.You must use proper APA style to cite your sources. E. Conclusion: Provide a summary of your findings and your conclusion based on those findings. You also need to include any recommendations you have based on those findings. F. Appendix: You must include one appendix. G.Reference: You need a reference list in proper APA style. You need at least 5 academic/peer reviewed sources published in the last 5 years. You need 3-5 additional pieces from trade journals, popular press journals, and reputable websites. You need at least 10, but not more than 12, pages of content from Introduction, Body, and Conclusion combined. The other parts of the report (a, b, f, and g) do not count towards page total I have a basic outline of my report already and 5 of the sources academic reviewed sources are already found, but I need the other 3 additional pieces from reputable websites. I also need one chart or table as well.

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