Wine tasting at Napa Valley, California

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1. Using your learning in textbook Chapter 12, write an outline for your speech using the Speech Outline Template document. Be sure to include your resources (Bibliography). The place you chose for your topic and your research should be the same topic for your outline.

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2. Go to the Speech Outline Discussion Topic and create a new thread in which you:

Copy-and-paste your speech outline or attach the document.
Explain any difficulties experience outlining the speech or ask any questions that you have.
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This are the cite I choose:

Barber, N. A. (2014). Tasting the good life: wine tourism in the Napa Valley. Journal of Wine Research, 25(2), 134–136.

Tapli, I. (2015). Bottling Luxury: Napa Valley and the Transformation of an Agricultural Backwater into a World-class Wine Region.

Amerine, M. (1975). The Napa Valley Grape and Wine Industry. Agricultural History, 49(1), 289-291. Retrieved November 12, 2020, from


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