Why are these concepts important to you to understand?

Topic: Contemporary Topics in Management

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The paper due will discuss the week’s work that can be embodied into the learner’s life and business. Students should write minimum of one paragraph on each of the following questions: 1). What are the three most important concepts you learned this week? 2). How do these apply (or not apply) to your current business environment? Can they be introduced into your daily work? I’m not a supervisor or manager right now. 3). Why are these concepts important to you to understand? APA format and references are a requirement The following links are the materials to be referenced. https://iveybusinessjournal.com/publication/a-new-role-for-management-in-todays-post-industrial-organization/ http://guides.wsj.com/management/developing-a-leadership-style/what-do-managers-do/ https://mkt-bcg-com-public-images.s3.amazonaws.com/public-pdfs/legacy-documents/file14724.pdf https://www.huffpost.com/entry/good-leadership-the-changing-role-of-management_b_9241480 http://guides.wsj.com/management/developing-a-leadership-style/what-do-managers-do/

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