Who were the principal participants?

This writing assignment is to compose a 2-3 page essay in which you narrate an event that has had a significant impact on your life. Keep in mind that this moment need not be blatantly monumental; sometimes the most significant events are the small ones whose relevance is only fully realized with hindsight and perspective. Remember to include descriptive details of important people and places. Also, several types of questions should be answered (directly or indirectly) within the narrative:
How/why was this significant? Who were the principal participants? What were the order and details of key events? Keep in mind that the use of tension, humor, and hindsight can enhance the essay’s effect.
You should, of course, edit carefully for punctuation, spelling, and other grammar errors; and remember that the final draft needs to be turned in typed and double-spaced per the specifics in the syllabus.
My event with a significant impact would be being accepted in nursing school. Open to ideas.

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