Which intervention strategy would be best?

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You are to imagine that you are a social worker assigned to work with this family. In a ten to twelve page paper, you are required to use information gained from texts, readings, lectures and class exercises, and respond to the following points in depth: This includes spelling & grammar.

1. Discuss how you, in your role as social worker,

a. Would most effectively engage this family?

b. Determine what other relevant systems/situations/people you view as possible targets (think Person-in-Environment theory)?

c. Engage those target systems/situations/people?

2. Provide a three generational genogram of this family.

3. Assessment:

a. Using EACH of these interventions: (1) Information & referral, 2) Case management, 3) Crisis intervention, & 4) mental health, discuss Cam’s problem(s).

b. Which problem(s) are most pressing? Why?

c. List and discuss Cam’s strengths.

d. . What is the potential for change? Defend your answer.

4. Goals: Using EACH of the interventions mentioned in 3a:

a. List three goals that your client(s) will work on

b. What is available in the environment (formal and informal resources) that will promote change?

c. Are there restraining environmental forces that may sabotage efforts toward change?

5. Intervention: Using EACH of the interventions mentioned in 3a, describe and discuss (in great detail)

a. How you, as a generalist social worker, would intervene to assist your client system in attaining each of the goals outlined above.

b. Which intervention strategy would be best? Why?

c. Chose one/your best intervention strategy & then provide a S.O.A.P. note of your meetings with Cam and/or his family.

6. Evaluation (using 5c):

a. How would you know when the goals have been accomplished

b. Describe this scenario.

7. Termination: Imagine that this is a planned termination, (using 5c).

a. What feelings would you imagine your client has toward ending?

b. What feelings would you imagine that you would have upon ending?

8. Discuss how your analysis might be different if this family were:

a. Gay parented

b. A family of color

c. Living on public assistance

d. Living in a rural environment

e. Single parented

f. Recent immigrants to the U.S.

Note to writer:

First off, thank you for taking on this assignment! Please let me know what you need from me to complete it. A couple things:

*I did want to include this link as to what a S.O.A.P. note is (question 5c), so you can better make one for my essay.

*In addition, please write the essay using the outline provided. (In other words, 1: a, b, c, then 2: a, b, c, etc.)

*I am working on finding a free link for you to access and watch the Infinitely Polar Bear movie prior to writing my essay.

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