Which CRM and marketing automation tool will you use, and why?

Revisit the two companies bellow.  You’ll have to choose one of the provided example scenarios/companies below to complete your assignment.

In a five-to-seven-page document, detail what you think is the right sales structure and approach to fit the organization.

Make sure your assignment includes the following:

  • How will you organize the sales team, and why?
  • Utilizing a free organizational chart software, detail the reporting structure you will take, and how the sales and marketing team will interact with one another.
  • Create a brief biographical background on the type of person you want for each role.
  • Research an appropriate sales technology stack for the organization.
  • Which CRM and marketing automation tool will you use, and why? Please detail benefits of each system you choose and the associated costs.
  • Create a lead scoring system. Which actions will you measure and how will you weigh each?
  • Create a brief script detailing how you would advise your sales team in questioning, objections, and closing for a prospective consumer.
  • Include supporting visuals and make sure you provide references and cite all your sources according to APA guidelines.
  • Please upload your final submission as a PDF file. Label it LastName_L08_BusinessOfMusicMarketing.pdf (e.g., Smith_L08_BusinessOfMusicMarketing.pdf).


We are going to make the assumption that both of these companies have decided that a sales team would be beneficial to their organization. Here are the two companies we discussed at different phases in their career:

  • A large, established, well-known brand (think Avid, Ableton, Cubase, Propellerhead, etc.). This company has a substantial budget, and is focused on growth.
  • Upstart music technology company wanting to market a new virtual reality product, which allows musicians to play alongside images and sounds from classic artists (John Coltrane, Kurt Cobain, Jimi Hendrix, Miles Davis, Yo-Yo Ma, and more) in real time and across multiple genres. This company has a marginal budget for sales, is primarily focused on awareness, but is at the point where they have enough leads and interest to get started with a nascent sales approach.
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