What would you do to increase customer awareness?

Unlike most of the exercises we have done in the past, this one is going to be very personal. Every day you pass automotive service shops on your way to school or work.

You decide

Right now take a few minutes to answer the following questions:

1. Please write down the names of the first five auto repair shops that you pass regularly on your way to work or school.

2. What unique things can you remember about each of them?

3. Now, the hard part: Tomorrow as you head out for work or school write down the first five automotive repair shops that you drive past. (Please pay particular attention to look for all of the shops so that you list the first five and do not miss any regardless of how large or small.)

a. Are the five that you see the same as the five that you remembered in the first question?

b. Which ones did you fail to list in the first question?

c. Why do you think you may have forgotten about the shops that you did not originally list?

d. If you owned one of those shops that you passed but did not list in the first question, what would you do to increase customer awareness?

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