What type of government would you recommend?

Required Textbook
Foundations of Comparative Politics by William Roberts Clark, Matt Golder and Sona N Golder. Sage Publications Ltd. 2019 | ISBN 9781506360737

Review the assigned textbook readings covering the topic of democracy and dictatorship as a mode of government to answer the following hypothetical question:

What type of government would you recommend for a recently opened North Korea after a peaceful regime change to incorporate the country successfully into contemporary world society?

Write a paper in which you develop a policy recommendation, highlighting your innovative ideas for approaches to address government reforms, and focusing on the following:

Describe, briefly, the country’s mode of government currently based on your research and the materials presented in your textbook.

Discuss your choice of effective government form (monarchy, presidential democracy, dictatorship, etc) that will best help the integration of the country into the global scene.

Use the following paragraph layout for your paper:

Include a clear introductory paragraph, body paragraphs, and a concluding paragraph that flow together.
The first paragraph should clearly state your policy recommendation and a summary of the main reasons for your choice of government.
In the body paragraphs, you should expand on your choice of government of and why you feel it is the best form of governing for the country using evidence from your textbook.
The final paragraph should be a concluding paragraph in which you restate your policy and position based on the evidence provided in the body of the paper.
Format your paper using the following guidelines:

Maximum of 2 Pages long (500 word count), excluding references and bibliography
12-point Times New Roman font
Double line spacing
1-inch margins
Include a References section with APA citations of the resources you cited in your paper.

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