What skin disorder do you believe he has?

Your 15-year-old cousin asks to borrow a longsleeved shirt while at your house. He is embarrassed by “his rash,” and would like to hide it. He shows you several sharply delineated dry, scaly, salmoncolored plaques on his elbows. You recognize the lesions present there and on his lower back and tell him that there are several treatments available, including tar compounds or steroids. What skin disorder do you believe he has?

A. Psoriasis

B. Seborrheic dermatitis

C. Lichen planus

D. Atopic eczema

A seven-year-old African American female is brought to the pediatrician’s office by her father, who is concerned about her recent onset of fever. Several days ago, she developed a small lesion on her lower leg, which has rapidly progressed to a bright red, painful, swollen area that now features small blisters. What is your diagnosis?

A. Impetigo

B. Erysipelas

C. Dermatophytosis

D. Molluscum contagiosum

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