What is the theme/message of your poem/song?

Oral Presentation Assignment
Directions: For this assignment, I’d like you to find a poem or song that has made a strong impact on you. As part of your presentation, you will read the poem or song out loud to the class and then explain how different elements (the language, tone, theme, message, etc.) make this particular work so moving to you as a reader/listener.
Your presentation should last no longer than twenty minutes and touch on the following questions:
1. What is the theme/message of your poem/song? Why does this resonate with you? How does it connect to your personal life?
2. What led you to choose your poem/song? When’s the first time you encountered it?
3. What lines stand out to you the most/why?
4. How often do you listen to/read it? When do you find yourself going back to it? Why?
Remember: these are just general questions and you may present on different questions, so long as they relate to your personal connection to the poem/song.
Also, this assignment is worth 30 points, so be sure to practice your presentation beforehand so that you follow the time limit and are able to look up from your notes and make eye contact with your audience.

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