What is the perspective of each person, or group, involved in the conflict?

Application: Conflict Resolution

Part 1: Conflict Resolution Scenarios

For this Application Assignment, you will have an opportunity to practice your conflict resolution skills. First, read over and then choose one of the two scenarios in the document linked below. Each scenario presents a situation in which a problem or conflict needs to be resolved. As you read the scenario, think about the different approaches to conflict resolution about which you have been learning. Ask yourself these questions:

What is the problem?

Who are the people, or groups, involved in the conflict?

What is the perspective of each person, or group, involved in the conflict?

What is the context of the problem?

What would be the most effective approaches and/or strategies to use to resolve this conflict in a way so that everyone is satisfied with the result?

Use your course text, as well as the following resources:

Association for Conflict Resolution

Conflict Resolution Network
http://www.crnhq.org/pages.php?pID=12#skill_3The Third Side


Scenario One: Eric—A Case Study ——— File attached

After reading your scenario, write a paper that answers the following questions:

What is the problem, who are the people or groups involved, and what is the context?

What are all the perspectives involved?

How would you approach this situation/conflict?

What specific skills would you use to approach and solve this issue?

What are the most important aspects of conflict resolution?

What have you learned about this vital process and how can you build on this knowledge to enhance your skills as an early childhood professional?

To help you address this conflict, draw information and strategies from your Learning Resources and cite your references. If you can, try and pull information from each resource. Also, find one additional resource that helps you solve this issue and cite it in your paper.

Part 2: Add a Communication Goal

Use what you have learned about nonviolent communication and conflict resolution to add at least one communication goal to the list you began in Week 4.

http://www.cnvc.org/length: 2–3 pages APA

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