What is the most common cause of Raymond’s infection with HIV?

Recall Raymond, the 2-year-old introduced at the beginning of this chapter, who, after repeated infections, was diagnosed with AIDS Raymond had no other risk factors for HIV and AIDS, so the health care team recommended that Raymond’s mother be tested for the infection. She was subsequently diagnosed with HIV Infection whereas Raymond’s 5-year-old sister tested negative for


HIV The family is dealing with the diagnosis for both Raymond and his mother as well as earning to care for Raymond.


1. Raymond is having difficulty eating After you consider his age of 2 years and the recommended intake at this age plan a daily menu for him with several small feedings



2 You have just been assigned to care for Raymond during a day shift. Organize your morning assess mentor Raymond. Plan to observe the systems constituting the most. frequent sources of infection in children with HIV


3. What is the most common cause of Raymond’s infection with HIV? How might the family react when they learn about perinatal transmission?


4.Dealing with the challenges of HIV in a young child taxes the family’s resources. Plan nursing care that involves HAART medication administration and interventions to promote Raymond’s development. .

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