What is the connection between the 4 color codes for the neighborhoods and the “race” of the people living there?

Part A. In a paragraph or so each, answer the questions below. Be descriptive in your discussion of your answer and make sure to back it up with info from the materials or from the interactive websites.

1. Look at the Mapping Inequality website. (Links to an external site.)Pick at least one city and look at the maps that the researchers included to show actual redlining maps from the Home Owners Loan Corporation (HOLC), which helped provide home loans to American still recovering from the Great Depression. Tell us which city you chose and what the racial makeup of a few of the neighbors were. How did “race” impact the desirability and price of homes in those neighborhoods? What is the connection between the 4 color codes for the neighborhoods and the “race” of the people living there?


2. Look at Seattle by way of the Segregated Seattle Restrictive Covenants interactive Map. (Links to an external site.) Pick three descriptions of covenants from some of the areas around Seattle and notate them in your assignment. What are the things that surprise you most in what you are reading? What doesn’t surprise you at all?


3. Read Segregation in the City of Angels Preview the documentpdf about how this played out in Los Angeles. How does the article support (with evidence), the idea that housing segregation and redlining “sustained the development of a heterogeneous public culture in Southern California”?


Part B.

4. Create a 1-page of your overall findings in this research. Start with a brief description in your own words of the federal programs created and the impact they eventually had on the development of American sub urbanization. Has this information changed your view or understanding of the cities we live in? How?

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