What impact does homeland security have in combating terrorism?

Write a Research Question and Conduct Preliminary Research (1-1-1/2 pages)
Develop a research question that you will build on. The paper should include 2 paragraph’s to provide some background about the topic you have chosen and the gap you see in the literature that leads you to ask this question. Also, explain the search method to access the most relevant information about the topic.
If you are wondering what a search method is, it is a process or technique. It is “how” you go about researching a topic. Typically you will have criteria (a way of measuring what you find to determine if it is relevant) and you will have search terms (which are specific references to dates, places, events, people, concepts, authors, etc., that can be used in a search engine).
Choose two articles pertinent to your topic and provide a complete citation (Not a Link) for these articles using APA Style citation format.
All assignments should have a title page and reference page which do NOT count toward any page length requirement. For this assignment you will have a title page, list your research question, provide 2 paragraphs on background information (not your personal rationale for picking the topic but rather research on the topic), a paragraph describing your search strategy. Your references should be selected from the two bool links provided.

1)Research Question
2) Background Description
3) Search Criteria
4) Listing of Two Relevant Sources

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