What else might be needed for a lasting relationship?

In an effort to try to address all questions, please try to answer a question (when possible) which has not already been addressed by a classmate. Please include the question restated in your reply.

Unit Discussion Questions

How has the media influenced our view of what an orgasm should be (i.e. When Harry Met Sally)?

What are the reasons a person might fake an orgasm? Are men or women more likely to fake an orgasm? Why or Why not?

What is love, lust and infatuation? What is the difference between love, lust, and infatuation?

Is love the only thing needed to have a lasting relationship? If so, what type of love do we mean when we say that? Passionate love? Intimate? Companionate? If not what else might be needed for a lasting relationship?

To what degree do poor conflict-resolution skills lead to the ending of a relationship unnecessarily?

Research indicates that men and women communicate better with individuals of the same gender. How might this benefit same sex couples and make communication more difficult for different sexed couples?

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