What does it mean, “As men grow more civilized…a complex mutual dependence becomes the universal rule?”

Ignored, Shunned, and Invisible.

questions in order

1.Under what circumstances does John become invisible?

2.What does it mean to be “not a drooler.” How does this explain the definition of mental retardation?

3.What does it mean, “As men grow more civilized…a complex mutual dependence becomes the universal rule?”

4.What is the ethical implication of James Watson’s paper Looking Forward? Which side of the debate are you on and why?

5.What was the underlying cause of John’s physical outbursts?

6.What was Darwin’s personal dilemma? What might have happened had he wrote his book after he faced this dilemma?

7.Who were Eldridge Cleaver and Floyd Cochran and how did their personal experiences change their worldview? What might the world be like if there were no “defective” individuals?

8.John was featured in a newspaper article. What effect did that have on John?

9.What happened when Dr. Smith moved to South Carolina?

10. What did Dr. Smith conclude about his impact on John’s life?

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