What compensation strategies would enable companies to attract and retain good employees without having to worry about bidding wars?

Debate Discussion

The eighth Debate Discussion assignment in this class relates to the HR Ethics box in Chapter 11 (p. 421):

HR Ethics: High-Tech Firms Collude to Limit Employee Pay

Several high-tech firms in Silicon Valley violated antitrust laws by agreeing that they would not try to hire each other’s employees. This limited employees’ job options and income.

  1. How should companies address the possibility of bidding wars when trying to retain top talent? How should HR professionals or general managers help address this issue?
  2. What compensation strategies would enable companies to attract and retain good employees without having to worry about bidding wars? How should the needs of employees be addressed in these strategies?

Your assignment is to 1) read the information in the box content, 2) answer these questions, 3) present/defend your ideas with thoughtful logic or relevant evidence, and 4) respond to at least two other students’ posts with other thoughtful analyses. Your posts should be comprehensive (multiple lengthy paragraphs), as well as concise and detailed.

Grades are assigned using a rubric with the following dimensions: 1) logic/support, 2) clarity/conciseness, 3) depth, 4) length, 5) contains multiple postings/responses.

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