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Below I will list the project’s instructions as my professor has written them. I have already chosen a topic (The Pueblo Revolt) but need help executing the project. I also uploaded pictures of the description of the project and the “technical instructions” for the PP. Task 1 – Select a topic in Early American History, pre-contact through 1800. To review topics covered in this span of time, consult the syllabus reading schedule in addition to American Yawp Ch. 1-7, videos, and podcasts from weeks 1-3. This will be your topic of interest in the following research. Task 2 – “Collect” examples of your research interest in the Visual Notebook form, reflecting on meaning. Keep a record of where you located these examples; what collections you referenced online, as well as your thoughts and reactions to locating and working with these images. Task 4 – Create a Visual Notebook that emulates a virtual exhibit using primary source images. Curation entails establishing a thesis, much like in an essay or research paper. Demonstrate your thesis with examples.

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