Views and opinions about leadership trends

Students will be responsible for identifying and discussing Leadership-related news reports. Note: these must be CURRENT events, not something you find on a website that simply refers to a Leadership topic. Topics such as leading contemporary organizations, professional development assessment and planning, negotiating and managing conflict, leadership styles, appraising tasks to appropriately delegate and prioritize time, leading groups and teams, and many other Leadership related topics are frequently found in the business press. For these reports you are to tell us about the story and the source. This is one way that we will make the course very current and will explore the many Leadership related issues that are constantly in the news.

Please follow the instructions in the attachments below.

Can you please

cite course materials in-text or in the references section



the Contents for the books


Leadership Is a Process, Not a Position 1

Chapter 1:

What Do We Mean by Leadership? 2

Chapter 2:

Leader Development 43

Chapter 3:

Skills for Developing Yourself as a Leader 88


Focus on the Leader 117

Chapter 4:

Power and Influence 118

Chapter 5:

Leadership, Ethics and Values 150

Chapter 6:

Leadership Attributes 188

Chapter 7:

Leadership Behavior 242

Chapter 8:

Skills for Building Personal Credibility and Influencing Others 277


Focus on the Followers 317

Chapter 9:

Motivation, Satisfaction, and Performance 331

Chapter 10:

Groups, Teams, and Their Leadership 390

Chapter 11:

Skills for Developing Others 436


Focus on the Situation 473

Chapter 12:

The Situation 473

Chapter 13:

Contingency Theories of Leadership 520

Chapter 14:

Leadership and Change 556

Chapter 15:

The Dark Side of Leadership 607

Chapter 16:

Skills for Optimizing Leadership as Situations Change 657

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” Great job overall! Format: 10/10 Language: 10/10 Application: 10/10 Conclusions: 10/10 You share a little about your perspectives, keep building on those. Sources: 7/10 Make sure you use adequate in-text citations throughout when paraphrasing. In-text citations are (Author Last name, date). Also make sure you’re using proper APA format for multiple authors. Your first citation should include all authors, then et al for additional citations. This is true for both your article and our textbook. Keep up the good work”

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