Vegas Resort-Casino Industry Analysis

History: 10 pages

1). What are important events in Vegas resort-casino history? Provide a timeline summary of this in an Appendix.

2). What economic, environmental, legal, political, social and/or technological forces have significantly shaped your Vegas resort-casinos in the past? Identify 2-3 major technological discontinuities resort-casinos have faced.

3). What were Vegas resort-casinos past drivers?


Present: 10 pages

4). What are the present drivers for resort-casinos?

5). What are 3 key things from using Porter’s Five Forces Strategy framework?

6). Who are the key players in Vegas resort-casinos?


Future:  10 pages

7).  3 examples on How will Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning affect the future of the resort-casino industry.


30 pages total, feel free shift number of pages amongst categories. APA format



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