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This assignment allows you to reflect critically on primary sources and engage with the ideas described by the author. It also demonstrates your understanding of the material in the first three lectures and your awareness of how concepts in the readings and the lectures overlap. In particular, this paper will illustrate your understanding of the issues that arose following Reconstruction.   Task:   You will choose one of the prompts from the list below, referring to the assigned readings and the lectures from the first week of class. Write a 2-page paper (approximately 900 words long) in which you answer the questions, engage with the readings, and relate the readings back to the lectures. Your paper must have a thesis statement which answers one of the following prompts:   · Compare the speech by Booker T. Washington with the declaration from the Niagara Movement. What are the differences between these two documents? For example, what are Washington’s goals? How does the Niagara Movement propose to achieve their goals? · Why does Henry McNeal Turner feel disappointed in the United States? How does he express this disappointment? · How does The Voice of the Negro reflect the struggles and experiences of an African-American family in the South in 1906?   Use specific examples from the readings and the lectures to support your thesis.   Your paper must be typed and saved in PDF format. Your paper must be typed in 12 pt Times New Roman, double spaced, with 1” margins

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