TVM calculations to support a financial decision.

  • Share an example of a situation when you used TVM calculations to support a financial decision either in your professional or personal life. (If necessary, share a hypothetical example of when you might use TVM calculations.)
  • Discuss which TVM calculations you used to support your financial decision and the benefits this provided.
  • In the example you shared, how was cash flow impacted by your decisions?

This is a discussion question. No format format is required. The response shall be at least 180 words minimum and not exceed 250 words.

There is no coversheet or title page required.


Watch one or two topics on the Bloomberg and answer following questions. 1. What is the issue discussed? Why you think it is interesting to discuss? 2. Who or what parties are involved? 3. How the issue will relate to the firms or (international) community or (global) society? 4. What might be the potential risk and costs involved with the issue in your opinions?


A company has a current liabilities of PHP 5000,000000 and it’s current ratio is 2.0. what is the total current asset?

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