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Purpose: The goal of this assignment is to write a 6-8 page APA style (double spaced 12 point font 1 inch margins) paper reviewing the effectiveness of treatment for a specific offending population. The paper should include: 1) Introduction: An introduction in which you will describe and provide some background about the offending population that you will be reviewing (i.e. definitions), the prevalence of the problem (i.e. how many arrests/convicted each year) and why treatment of this population is important. (5 points) 2) Body: The body of the paper should be a review of the types of treatments available for this population and outcome studies showing the effectiveness of the interventions. Each paragraph should have a topic (i.e. cognitive behavioral treatments) where the treatment is described and then present several studies which show the effectiveness. Please DO NOT provide summaries of articles – I want you to integrate the findings across studies like the articles that you are reading in class. (10 Points) 3) Conclusion and Future Recommendations: The paper should end with a conclusion summarizing what you found regarding the treatment of this population as well as future directions for treatment and research for this population (5 points) 4) Reference Page/APA style and Writing Quality: You should have a separate references page where all the research you present in the paper is referenced in APA style. I would anticipate that you will have a minimum of 10 peer reviewed articles. The paper should be in APA style. You will also be graded on spelling and grammar. (5 points) Some examples of offender populations (this are just suggestions there are many different types of offending populations to choose from): • Firesetters • Child Molesters • Female sex offenders • Juvenile sex offenders • Offenders that commit vandalism • Exhibitionists • Gang members • Incest offenders • Shop lifters • Drug offenders • Sex Traffickers • Substance Abusers • Drug traffickers

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