Thinking Makes Us Pig Out”:

After reading chapter 1, please read the short article titled “Thinking Makes Us Pig Out” located below. After reading the article, please provide a critique of the research discussed in the article. Explain why you believe the research is based on “good neuroscience” or “bad neuroscience” (provide facts). Post your critique of this article in the discussion board. Make sure to completely and fully address the discussion question to obtain full graded points.

Thinking Makes Us Pig Out:…

**Please kindly and carefully follow instructions

***Please down load the PDF of the book online coz its highly needed

***250 to 500 words please


Here is the text book; John P.J. Pinel. Biopsychology(10th edition), Pearson Education, Inc.

please follow all instructions as mentioned and most important please download the book.

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