Thesis-Driven Final Essay for Short Stories class Assignment | Online Assignment

Please refer to the uploaded files for instructions. One file is the instructions for how to go about writing this final essay, please read through that and thoroughly understand it before bidding on the paper. The other file that will be uploaded is the class syllabus which includes all of the short stories we have read in this class that can be used in this essay, they MUST come from this list. Lastly, peer reviewed articles must be used for the essay and thesis so please keep that in mind. Thank you and please don’t hesitate to ask if you have questions.

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Please refer the the texts for this class included in the syllabus for in text citations when writing the paper.

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You must be a native English speaker, ENGLISH MUST BE YOUR FIRST LANGUAGEFinal Essay Instructions ENG 4450 Syllabus (Summer 2020)

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