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I would like all of the discussions to be group together with the relating citations . However separate each discussion from one another . INSTRUCTIONS FOR DISCUSSION 1( INCLUDE CITATION AFTER DISCUSSION LABEL DISCUSSION) Locate one primary research article, systematic review or practice guidelines related to the PICO question that is a report of an evidence-based practice or a quality improvement project. Thous this assignment involves finding one (1) article, keep in mind that you must describe the process on how you were able to locate the article. Then, answer the following questions: What is the level of evidence that best answers your PICO question? What relevant databases did you search to find the article? What keywords from your PICOT question were used to search the database? What strategies were applying to streamline your search? Did you use “MeSH terms”, Boolean connectors or parameters to help you search for the evidence? INSTRUCTIONS FOR DISCUSSION 2 ( INCLUDE CITATION AFTER DISCUSSION AND LABEL DISCUSSION) Implementing evidence into practice requires nurses to identify, critically appraise and synthesize research. this may require a comprehensive literature review. Please respond to the following questions: In your own words, discuss what “evidence” means to you. What are “journal articles” and “Peer Review”? In your own words, describe in detail what a literature review is and how it is useful when making clinical decisions? Discuss in detail the major purposes of doing a literature review. Discuss the various criteria that a good literature review will have. What does the acronym IMRaD stand for? INSTRUCTIONS FOR DISCUSSION 3( INCLUDE CITATION AFTER DISCUSSION AND LABEL 3) Search and locate one systematic review or practice guideline in your topic of interest (Include the citation). Evaluate the following: The systematic review or practice guideline relies primarily on studies conducted in the last five years. The review provides support for the importance of the study The authors have use primary, rather than secondary sources. Studies are critically examined and reported objectively The systematic review or practice guideline is organized so that a logical unfolding of Ideas is apparent that supports the need for the review The systematic review or practice guideline ends with a summary of the most important knowledge. INSTRUCTIONS FOR DISCUSSION 4 ( INCLUDE CITATION AFTER DISCUSSION AND LABEL 4) Read an article published recently (less than 5 years) on a topic of your interest. Provide the citation and a written summary of your answers to the following questions: What is the research problem? What is the purpose statement? What were the initial hypotheses for this study? What was the study design? Where the hypotheses rejected or accepted? What was the overall conclusion of this paper?

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