Theories of prejudice and discrimination.

LOGISTICS: For this assignment, find an article (journal, magazine, or newspaper article published between 2015 and 2020) about a current event using the following criteria: CONTENT:~~

Essay 1Stage of Human Development: You have learned about some of the macro-level issues impacting human development, as well as the theoretical framework which social workers often use for assessment and intervention. For this essay your stage of development is adolescence or younger. Textbook Chapter Concepts: 1 and/or 5

Approved Theories: 1) Systems theory and/or 2) Theories of prejudice and discrimination.

For each essay, you must:

Select an article that targets the approved stage of human development.

Identify one or more of the approved theories you intend to use for your essay.

Read your article at least two times.

After reading your article, think about how your chosen theory explains, predicts, and/or analyzes the primary social issue in your article.

Write your essay applying concepts from the theory you selected addressing the social issue. The goal is to explain what is taking place in the article using different theoretical concepts that explain or refute what is taking place. For example, in Essay 1 Systems Theory is an approved theory and your article population should focus on the adolescent stage or younger. Some of the concepts of Systems Theory include inputs, outputs, homeostasis, etc. You should analyze your social issue using these particular concepts to explain your position. In Essays 2 and 3, you will use concepts associated with the approved theories and stages of human development to explain the social issue in your article and your position on the issue. FORMAT: No cover page AND no title;

Your essay should be 3 pages (maximum);

On first page type your HEADER in the upper right-hand corner: First/ Last Name Theory Application Essay #__ (date

Use paragraphs [Note: paragraphs must be at least 3 sentences long in order to stand alone as a paragraph!], complete sentences, correct spelling, and punctuation as well as express your original ideas clearly; Only 1 “direct quote” is allowed per essay;

Upload or attach a copy of your article in Blackboard. Do not include the article link in or at the end of your essay as a substitute. You must include the article full text;

Use 6thedition APA format to cite your two sources (textbook AND chosen article) CORRECTLY within the text of your paragraphs in your essay and;

Include a Reference page with your essay, which also must be correctly formatted in 6thedition APA.

o [Note: do NOT use computer programs that claim to format your citations/References page for you! These programs do NOT format correctly!]

o [Note: you must UTILIZE your 6thedition APA manual! On Blackboard, click on the “APA format” tab to get important supplemental information about paraphrasing, basic citations in paragraphs and in References section, how to avoid plagiarism, as well as important pages to refer to in your 6thedition APA manual! To understand how to format a References section, see your 6th edition APA manual, pp. 180-183 “Reference list”, and pp. 193-224 “Reference Examples” to format this page correctly]

o [Note: specific terminology (which are italicized words in your textbook) must also be italicized in your paper!

One of the Required Sources (textbook)


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