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This assignment requires a five paragraph essay (introduction with thesis statement, three supporting paragraphs, conclusion that restates thesis statement) analyzing a work of art. See the article in the Writing Assignments module article I’ve posted about art criticism if you need guidance. Choose any visual work (painting, photograph, sculpture, building) from the chapters we have studied (24-38). Figure 31.27 “The Starry Night” In approximately 500 words, give your own interpretation of the piece. If you need help with analysis, you may use the techniques from the article, but feel free to use your own ideas. You do not have to use all of the suggestions from the article. All analysis should be original: your thoughts in your own words. Do not quote material from other sources (including the textbook). Do not pad the essay with general information from the textbook like historical context or biographical information about the artist. Focus on your own interpretation of the meaning of the work. The assignment must have a heading that lists 1) your name, 2) HUM2249-Summer 2020, 3) Art Critique Essay—Name of work, Figure number and page number, and 4) the submittal date).Don’t worry about formatting because I will grade you solely on the quality of content and writing. Also, please review the plagiarism policy in the syllabus. Like all written assignments for this course, the essay will be scanned using TurnItIn, so if you copy material from web sites, essay mills, work from previous students in this course, or other sources, you will receive a 0. The link will remain open after the deadline, so you don’t have to email me regarding late work. However, you will be penalized 10% of the points per day starting the following day. This essay is due before midnight on Sunday, July 19th.

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