The Salafism Ideology Behind the Terror of ISIS

The Research Brief should be conceived as one component of a larger group report to a hypothetical government agency (like the State Department) seeking insight and recommendations on how to address the IS phenomenon. It must include at least one proposed solution to the problem of religion and violence as presented by the Islamic State. Unless the professor instructs otherwise, the research brief should follow the outline of the presentation. The approximately 500-word brief (minimum 350 words; maximum 650 words) should be a tightly focused discussion and analysis of the specific aspect of the IS phenomenon previously identified by the student. It should include a very brief introduction that defines the topic and area of interest a summary/assessment of the main points of the literature researched (minimum of 2 scholarly or popular articles actually used for the essay) analysis of how research into this topic adds to our understanding of the IS phenomenon what government representatives need to know about this aspect of the IS your conclusions and recommendations to the hypothetical government agency, along with a proposed solution to the particular problem of religion and violence represented by your topic a complete Works Cited page (not part of the 500-word requirement), with at least two articles actually used in the written brief

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