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Analyze the essay “The Remastered Race” by Brian Alexander, which you have already read, using the model format suggested, or the equivalent. You may find it helpful to consult Landmarks, pp. 365- 372 concerning identifying and writing about rhetorical strategies. Length: about 600 words You must give the word count. Two points will be deducted if the word count is missing or is significantly incorrect. Model format: 1. Give basic information about the text. 2. Indicate the essay’s purpose and the intended audience. 3. Discuss the essay’s means of persuasion. 4. Evaluate the essay for specific characteristics. 5. Evaluate the essay in general. Assignment Assignment #2 will be evaluated as follows: Content 30% • Your essay analysis is thoughtful, relevant, accurate, and complete. • You have provided a valid thesis statement which is well supported. Organization 30% • Good organization and sequencing make your essay analysis easy to read. • Your introduction, body, and ending are effective. • Your essay analysis stands as an essay in its own right. Language use 30% • You have used your own wording. • Sentence structure, grammar, punctuation, spelling, and vocabulary are correct. • Your level of language and tone are appropriate. Handling 10% • A professional or original style adds to the interest and value of your essay analysis.

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