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in MLA format

A. Definition

  • Shortening of an original passage into your own words
  • Gives important points while leaving out details

B. Purpose

1.Let the reader know the essential meaning of the original text in a clear, straightforward, unbiased way

C. Characteristics

  • Objective voice (do not express your opinions)
  • Identify author and work
  • Use present tense
  • Summarize the main points of the whole article, not just part of it

a). Do not write an overly detailed summary—your purpose is to reduce the original work to its main points and essential supporting details

b). Express in your own words—do not imitate the style of the original work

Identify in the first sentence, the title and author of the article. Include in parentheses, the date of publication. EX:

In “How to Heal a Hypochondriac” (Time, September 30, 2009) Michael Lemonick reports on research into ways of dealing with hypochondria, a thinking disorder that makes healthy people believe they are suffering from one or more serious diseases.


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