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In chapter 10, Schultz describes a variety of ways that the health of girls and women are negatively impacted through sport. In the chapter, she addresses the following concerns that can negatively impact the health of athletes: physical injury disordered eating the use of PEDs sexual violence Task: Explain what a young female athlete needs to know about how to address one of those topics. Step 1: Select one of the topics listed above. Step 2: Select a role: parent older sibling older teammate coach athletic trainer Step 3: Write an essay on your selected topic from the perspective of the role your selected. In your essay, identify what a young female athlete needs to know about the topic, how that information should be communicated to her, and how to minimize the negative health impacts related to that topic. In addition to the course text, utilize at least 2 other sources to inform your essay. Your essay should be about 2 pages (double spaced, 12 pt., Times New Roman font) plus bibliographic references (in APA format) at the end of your essay. ***For the strongest score, compare your findings to the Schultz’s findings and arguments in the course text.***Chapter 10 PDF(1)

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