The Clean Water Act

The current administration in Washington D.C. has made temporary changes to the Federal Clean Water Act (CWA) that have decreased the number of waterways qualifying for protection. This action will benefit agriculture and industry, both of which will see an ease on restrictions over their water use. Read the article below that offers analysis on the benefits and costs associated with the CWA.

“Clean Water Act dramatically cut pollution in US waterways”. Science Daily

The temporary changes proposed may become permanent in the coming year. The Environmental Protection Agency has solicited commentary from interested persons or groups (stakeholders) on these proposed changes. You can read about this in the article below (no need to read the whole article):

“Learn how changes to the Clean Water Act could hurt your region before it’s too late”. Popular Science

What are your thoughts regarding governmental deregulation of the Clean Water Act? Pretend that you were submitting comments to the EPA on this issue. What would you say? Provide several specific negative and or positive potential consequences of this change.

Make an initial post responding to the above prompt. Follow this with a response to a classmate in a manner that furthers the discussion. For example, if you agree with their post, explain why you agree and offer further support of their comments. If you disagree, explain why you disagree and provide an opposing perspective or ask further questions. Above all, maintain respect.

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