The aviation industry should be well prepared facing any highly contagious diseases like COVID-19 Assignment | Get Paper Help

Use this Works Cited “Airports Council Releases COVID-19 Recovery Recommendations and Priorities.” Jun 2020. “COVID-19 Dashboard on State & Airport Restrictions.” 29 Jun 2020. E. Mazareanu, “Coronavirus: impact on the aviation industry worldwide.” Statistics & Facts 26 Jun , 2020 airlines-handled-coronavirus-outbreak-worldwide/ Federal Aviation Administration . “Limited Extension of Relief for Certain Persons and Operations During the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Public Health Emergency” 29 Jun , 2020. 13960/limited-extension-of-relief-for-certain-persons-and-operations-during-the- coronavirus-disease-2019 Negroni ,Christine. “Obstacles and Opportunities for the Aviation Industry.” The New York Times, 29 April , 2020 , impact.html

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