The Academic Argument

Identify three ideas from each of the following that stand out to you. These can be shared as bullet points but should express complete thoughts that a peer could learn from.
The Academic Argument
Argument Dinner Party Series, Part I
Argument Dinner Party Series, Part II
The Parts of Essays: Main Claims, Subclaims, and Outlines
Parts of Body Paragraphs (SEER)
They Say/I Say, Chapter 3
They Say/I Say, Chapter 4
Identify one technique you’d like to work on from the readings or videos listed, above, and write 100-125 words about this skill, why it’s important, and how you’ll incorporate this learning in your essays this semester.
It can be a challenge to find sources that oppose ours when we are writing academic arguments. How have you found opposing sources or what is a technique you could try? How might you break a problem down to find an important element that a credible source might disagree with?


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