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All written assignments MUST be submitted through the class website. Written assignments MUST be YOUR work in YOUR words. If you use materials prepared by others in your paper, you MUST provide appropriate references (footnotes or end notes). Failure to do so is considered plagiarism and is subject to the penalties described later in this syllabus.

* All works submitted are required to be original works.

* Papers written for, or modified from, works for other classes will not be accepted.

* Any paper that is, in the instructor’s judgment, substantially similar to that of another student’s will result in BOTH students being subject to plagiarism penalties. Short and Late Papers

* Required papers that fail to meet the required length will lose at least 1/2 point for every word short of the requirement.

* Optional papers that fail to meet the required length will not be accepted.

* No late papers will be accepted.

II. PAPER GUIDELINES”Half of success is simply following the rules.” All papers must conform to the following:

* an electronic copy must be submitted through Eagle Online. . I will post comments on your papers through Eagle Online as time permits.

* your name, date, and course number on top right of first page. * number all pages: Last name / page number. * footnote (or end note) all quoted material. Footnoting of source material is a critical component of your paper. Failure to footnote or end note–i.e., giving due credit to other people’s work–is considered plagiarism. See the section on plagiarism for penalties.

* a Bibliography is required for all major (1800 words or more) papers. Required papers not having a bibliography will face significant loss of points; optional papers that do not have a required bibliography will not be accepted.

* WORD COUNT: (3000 Words) the actual body of the paper will determine the word count. Your name, class info, titles or headings, date, page numbers are not counted. Footnotes and bibliographies are also not counted – these have their own requirements.

* A minimum of 5 books and 5 journal articles MUST be in your bibliography.

* significant points may be deducted if the above formatting requirements are not followed! Footnoting/End noting and Bibliographies Perhaps one of the most difficult things to master when writing research papers is footnoting and creating a bibliography. Both are necessary components for any major paper you will write during your academic career, whether in History or any other subject. The good news is that it really isn’t all that difficult, once you know what you are doing. Even better, there are a number of websites available to help you.

WHEN TO FOOTNOTE Knowing when to footnote something is actually quite simple: whenever you are using or referring to somebody else’s work in your own! Failing to give someone else credit for their work–or claiming it as your own is plagiarism, which is to say: cheating. Don’t do it. It is always found out, often with embarrassing consequences. Yet in History, as with virtually every other subject, you will often have to refer to other people’s work in order to complete your own. This is fine. In fact, judicious use of others’ authoritative work adds to your work’s credibility. The only requirement is to give credit where credit is due.

HOW TO FOOTNOTE So, you have to footnote. How do you do it? First, there is a specific format to follow to footnote correctly. Once you know that, it’s only a matter of adding it to your paper. Using a word processor such as MS Word makes it relatively easy.

CHICAGO STYLE OF WRITING will be use dally used for History papers. This is the format I expect you to use for your papers in this class. There are many websites where you can get information on the Chicago Style of Writing.

The University of Wisconsin website offers everything you ever wanted to know about footnoting. You can access it through this link: https://writing.wisc.edu/Handbook/chicse/DocChicago.html

Inserting a Footnote in your paper For purposes of illustration, this example covers how you would insert a footnote in a document using Microsoft Word or Google Docs and other advanced word processing software also include this feature, and while the actual steps involved are different, the end result should be the same.

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