“Test Bias”- IQ Test Bias

Read and study issues related to test bias in chapter 19 of your text.

On page 532 your text states: “On average, African Americans score about 15 points lower than white Americans on standardized IQ tests. This difference equates to approximately one standard deviation.” I want each student to research this issue and post at least one quality site in your post.

You might want to begin by researching:

IQ Test Bias:
Arthur Jensen
Arthur Jensen published material that became very controversial. You will want to look over his material since this was the beginning of an ongoing debate.

What kind of test bias does this represent?
How does test bias negatively impact individuals?
What is the best way to correct this situation?
What legislation and other protections have been put in place to insure that all individuals have equal chances of success?
Do we rely too heavily on test results?

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