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Ethics, and not knowledge, separates thieves from detectives and hackers from security administrators. However, a detective must think like a thief to catch a thief; in other words, white hat hackers should be able to think as black hat hackers in order to thwart their future attacks. Research any case that pertains to a white hat and black hat hacker or a white hat and gray hat hacker. Then, from a white hat hacker standpoint, address the following: 1. Summarize the case briefly. 2. Describe what tools and technologies were used to support confidentiality, integrity, and intellectual property. 3. Describe the threat vectors, motivations, and ideologies used by the black or gray hat hacker. 4. Explain how the white hat hacker provided security solutions. Present this information in any kind of visual (e.g., diagram, PowerPoint presentation, cartoon, graphic organizers, or infographics). Creativity is encouraged as long as the abobcqve concepts are clearly communicated.

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