System Analysis an Design

Basic Outcomes:- Systems development is systematic process which includes phases such as planning, analysis, design, deployment, and maintenance. Learner can present this module with a demo software or screenshots of the activities performed while fulfilling the requirements of the assignment. Learner can use images, diagrams, flowcharts, graphs and examples to support the answers. Learning Outcome 1:- Understanding Systems Analysis and Design. System Analysis:- Explain the concept and components of system analysis. Explain the approaches to system analysis along with examples. System Design:- Explain the concept and requirements of the system design. Explain the methodologies involved in system design with examples. Include documenting process and system models for system design. Create security and control design for database with demo software. HCI:- Explain the concepts and principles of HCI. Explain the methodologies of HCI with examples. Learning Outcome 2:- Be able to understand and implement Advanced Systems Analysis & Design System Analysis & Design:- Explain the role of organizational roles and responsibilities in system analysis and design. Explain the role of business requirements in system analysis and design. Explain the functional data models and the benefits and limitations of system design. Explain the platform and services on system design. System Requirements:- Explain the concept and prototyping techniques. Explain the concept and use of Top-down and Bottom-up approach in system integration. Include scenario or use-cases.

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