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For this assignment, you will be completing the various tasks: Research the varied documents of your field which you will have to learn how to complete and/or interpret. You may have already detailed these in your previous assignments. More examples are as follows: Will you have to design customer satisfaction surveys? Will you have to create, read, and/or interpret the following (or something similar): A patient’s chart? A literature review? (Health and education disciplines–I know many of you will need to complete these!) A lab report? A customer service satisfaction form? A patient/client in-take form? (These are great to look at and ripe for criticism/acclaim) A financial summary? A field report? A grant request? A legal memo? And more. Find two sample documents: one that is an exhibit of a “good” text/form/document and one that is a “poorly written” or “failure” document. They do not need to be the same type of document. Check around the documents you already use in your life–have a copy of a in-take form you’ve recently had to fill out? Ask the company/office/bank for a blank survey. Use your discipline-specific online databases. Review online fliers or forms. Screenshots are fine as long as they are legible. Submit both documents. Submit a brief memo Actions (no more than 200 words) informing me of the following: What are these documents you are submitting? What are their purpose(s)? Which is a good example and which is the poor example? (*You don’t have to explain how/why.) Who is the intended audience?

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