Study of a Gerontological Issue in Social Work Practice: Legal and Ethical Aspects

Its a social work class and my paper title is Alzheimer’s in Elderly Please it’s APA format and please do in text citations and No plagiarism Please make sure there is a social worker on site that you interview whether on the phone, zoom or face to face. Last part of the assignment is based on the research paper you’ll be doing : Each student will submit a PowerPoint presentation (no more than 6-8 slides) that explores the geriatric resource program of the social worker they interviewed. This slide show presentation will provide a brief historical view of the agency/ program mission/ goal that they focus support the elderly with. It should also present statistical information regarding the demographics of the population they serve. Finally, the presentation should highlight any success stories or future prospective plans to better serve the elderly population with a focus on the current COVID-19 pandemic. APA format is mandatory.

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