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Directional Strategies In this discussion, you are going to examine a case study of the International HIV/AIDs Alliance (which changed its name to Frontline AIDS in 2019).  Frontline AIDS supports governments and communities to create a positive and supportive environment for people living with HIV and to prevent HIV globally.  They describe themselves as a global partnership working with many agencies on the ground to support their vision.  To learn more about this organisation have a look here   This case study explores the many strategic drivers that the organisation faced in 2012.  Step 1 – Read the following case study carefully: Johnson, G. (2013) Case Study International HIV/AIDS Alliance (B): a strategy for 2020. International HIV/AIDS Alliance.  Step 2 – Read the strategic directions that the organisation has taken as a result of these strategic drivers.  There are four directional strategies that are articulated as ‘results’ and ‘responses’. Please refer to page 5( screen shot uploaded ) in the following article: International HIV/AIDS Alliance. (2016). Our Strategy Updated 2016-2020: HIV, Health & Rights – Sustaining Community Action. Step 3 –  Discuss the following question: Comment on how well you think the strategic drivers as mentioned in the case study have been developed into the four directional strategies and highlight strengths and weaknesses of the directional strategies from your own point of view.    Your answers must use an academic tone, be evidence-based and supported by relevant literature, using HARVARD REFERENCES( 4-5 references). Your posts should not exceed the word count by more than 10%, for more information please see the student handbook. Please note that referencing is not included in the word count.

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