This is an analytical report of stock performance and the detailed information shows in “Stock Performance Report”. I already finished Progress report to prepare my analytical report. Then, you can find some informations below: 1. “Checklist final” is provided four companies that I choose to compare 2. If you are looking for formate or sample of report, you can open “FORMAL REPORT WRITING” and “Sample Final Report (APA 7th)” (e.g. use 1.15 spacing) 3. If you are looking for request of Executive Summary, you can use “How to Write an executive Summary…” 4. Please read “Stock Performance Report” and “analytical Report Rubric” carefully before you writing this report 5. Writing in the third person: Avoiding “I” and “you”! 6. Must use some sources from Factiva, MarketLine Advantage, or Bloomberg and please use authority and reliable sources e.g. articles, reports, etc.

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