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compose a 2-3 paragraph response to question 2-B. (At least 500 words)

2.Discuss Imani Perry’s article ‘Stinging Like Tabasco’. The main themes you will attend to are: Signification, Realism, Metaphor, Allegory, Composition vs. Construction and the four types of composition Perry discusses(Narrative, exhortation/proclamation, description, battle).(At least 500 words)

B. Listen to Erik B. & Rakim’s “Follow the Leader”. Discuss how the lyrical content exemplifies Realism using at least one of the following prompts:

  • Is it literal, deceptive, argumentative, naturalist?
  • How does violence function in the narrative/imagery/concept of the piece?
  • Is there Metaphor present? Simile? Realism? Symbolism?
  • What is the rhyme scheme like?
  • What is the effect of the lyrics? Do they tell a story? What story? How is it being told?
  • How do the lyrics draw us in with imagery? Where do the words take you? Are you caught up in a story, or thinking about a concept? How do the words create images, locations, and sensations for you as a listener?
  • How does the imagery in the music video support the lyrical content?
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