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This semester, our book for review is Robin DiAngelo’s White Fragility. Once you have read the book, I ask that you write a review of it (3-5pp.) in the following format: Directions for Review: 1)Introduce your review with a short summary statement of what the book was about–in your own words, include in this summary a statement of the book’s key argument or point. 2)Then, briefly tell what kind of “evidence” the book provides to make its case. Explain, as well, the sociological significance of this book in relation to what we have been studying during the semester, going in to detail about at least two key sociological themes that the book relates to. 3)Finally, tell what you thought were the book’s strengths and weaknesses, giving some specific examples to illustrate your position. This report should be as concise as possible. It also should be ready to hand in on the given due-date. The report should be double spaced with no larger than 1 inch margins; if done carefully and effectively it should be at least three full pages in length. link to ebook :

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